Friday, December 18, 2009

The Battle of Antonsberg

The infantry Katzian Advanced Guard went directly into the attack on the Doftian defenses just outside of Antonsberg by launching a two pronged attack aimed at both the bridge over the Iller Minor, and at the right end of the garrison line. Additionally, Brigadier General Bart Cubbins’ two regiments of cavalry headed West to cross at the nearby ford.

The Finnegan-Fen Feld-Jagers drove off the McGill Musketeers to allow the Zin Janisseries a chance to surge forward in the attack. Meanwhile, the Shutzen of the Salamasond Regiment forced the Lebron Landwher to pull back from covering the bridge.

The Wah Hoo Hussars rode into an ambush by the McIntyre Fusiliers who fired a devastating volley into the regiment’s exposed flank forcing them to scatter and regroup near the old mill. Warned of the enemy skirmishers in the woods past the ford, the Vail Valley Dragoons wisely skirted the woods after crossing the ford.

As the Guard Brigade advanced on Antonsberg, the Zind Janisseries destroyed the McGill Musketeers as they attempted to regroup. Lieutenant Colonel Ali Baba managed to keep his fierce warriors under control and prevent his soldiers from breaking ranks to loot the dead. His inspiring leadership during the charge that seized the McGill’s colors was also the key factor in the Regiment forming square just in time for fend off the savage charge of the Didd Curassiers.

Crown Prince Noah led forward the Contessa Genessa Velites and his own Petite Garde Regiment into the teeth of the Morris Musketeers. Reeling under several close range volleys by the defenders, the Crown Prince’s regiment retreated to the cover of the nearby woods while the Velites fell back behind the Liebgarde Grenadiers.

As the Guard Brigade reformed, the Salamasond Shutzen and the Nantaket Wilds Border Regiment crossed the bridge in the face of the Doft Dragoons. Using the thick tree cover near the river bank, these two regiments advanced to form an “L” shaped position along the hedges lining the road. With two volleys, the Shutzen routed the Antonsberg militia. Seeing units in full retreat all around, the Nitrate Miners’ Guild Volunteers could not build the courage to try to force the strong Katzian position and they soon joined the rout.

Having rode around the McIntyre Fusiliers in the woods, the Vail Valley Dragoons caught the Doft Dragoons at the halt and routed them from the field. With enemy cavalry practically surrounding them, the McIntyre Fusiliers wisely conducted an organized withdrawl from the battlefield.

After reforming behind the cover of the Liebgarde, Prince Noah led the Contessa’s Velites in a charge into the houses forming the Southern edge of the town. The charge caught the Townsend Musketeers low on ammunition and that regiment was scattered as they attempted to reform in the town square. Prince Noah’s personal guard took the defending general, Brigadier General Coro prisoner along with several hundred of his men after their retreat was cut off by the victory of the Krock Kavern Kurassiers over the Didd Curassiers. The last organized force defending the town, the Morris Musketeers, withdrew to the church yard and then through the orchards beyond. The McIntyre Fusiliers joined the Morris Musketeers to form some semblance of a rear guard for the retreating Doftian forces.

Contessa Genessa hosted a reception for the regimental commanders late in the evening. In honor of her birthday, she stated simply, “Let them eat cake.”

The butcher's bill will follow shortly!