Saturday, December 19, 2009

Butcher's Bill

Casualties on the Katzian side were heavy despite the significant advantage in force size. Several units never got into action. The cavalry suffered very heavily (about 50% of total casualties). The losses by the Guard Brigade were unexpected as well. The total destruction of two enemy infantry regiments will help in the next battle. Additionally, the two militia units that routed (one without being engaged) are lost for the campaign. The Doft/Didd cavalry suffered heavy losses, but they will be reinforced in the next battle.

CASUALTIES: includes, killed, wounded, missing, and prisoners

Army of Katzenstein
Commander, Major General Johan Van Fleck

Advanced Guard Brigade- Brigadier General Alexander Van Nuys
Salamasond Shutzen Regiment: 108 casualties
Zind Janissieries: 109 casualties
Light Artillery Battery #1

Flank Guard Brigade- Brigadier General Gerald McClay
Finnigen Fen Feld-Jager Regiment: 51 casualties
Nantaket Wilds Border Regiment: 0 casualties

Flank Guard Cavalry- Brigadier General Bart Cubbins
Vail Valley Dragoons: 244 casualties
Wah Hoo Hussars: 189 casualties

Line Brigade- Brigadier General Sylvester McMonkey McBean
Whoville Volunteer Musketeer Regiment: 28 casualties
Mount Crumpit Geibergsregiment: 0 casualties
Loyal Legion of Estrangers: 0 casualties

Guard Brigade- Crown Prince Noah
Liebgarde Grenadier Regiment: 111 casualties
Prince Noah Petite Garde Regiment: 154 casualties
Contessa Genessa Foot Velites of the Guard: 102 casualties

Reserve Brigade- Brigadier General Michael Van Itch
Eiffelberg Grenadier Regiment: 0 casualties
Oif Provisional Marine Regiment: 0 casualties
Herk-Heimer Fusilier Regiment: 0 casualties
Krock Kavern Kurassiers: 166 casualties
Foot Artillery Battery #1: 0 casualties

Total Casualties: 1162 men

Doftian Army
Commander- Baron Castanos

Antonsberg Garrison- Brigadier General Coro - CAPTURED
Morris Musketeers: 72 casualties
Townsend Fusiliers: 800 casualties, unit DESTROYED, 410 prisoners
McGill Musketeers: 744 casualties, unit DESTROYED, 380 prisoners
Garrison Artillery: 4 guns abandoned

Field Brigade- Brigadier General Henestrosa
Labron Landwehr: 131 casualties
McEntyre Fusiliers: 0 casualties
Doft District Dragoons: 350 casualties, 120 prisoners

Reinforcements- Brigadier General Romana
Antonsberg Veteran Pentioneers: 193 casualties, unit SCATTERED
Nitrate Miners’ Guild: 0 casualties, unit SCATTERED
Carlsbad Carabiniers (Didd): 386 casualties, 110 prisoners

Total Casualties: 2676 including 1020 prisoners, 4 guns, 1 general; 4 units lost