Friday, December 4, 2009

Locals of note

Some of the key locals in the Kingdom:

Castle of Krupp
Mulberry Street
Bunglebug Bridge
Zwieback Motel
Eiffelberg Tower
Zayt Highway
Ruins of Ronk
Mt Zorn
Mt Crumpit
Mountain Neeka-Tave
Hinkle Horn
Mountains of Zoomba-na-Tant
Mountains of Tobsk
Kaverns of Krock
Bumm Ridge
Pompelmoose Pass
Vale of Vavode
Valley of Vail
Valley of Valing
Praire of Prax
Finnigen Fen
Lake Winna Bango
Roover River
Herk-Heimer Falls
Culpepper Springs
Boober Bay
Ocean of Oif
McElliots Pool
River Wah Hoo
Island of Yerka
Island of Gwark
Island of Salamasond
Desert of Zind
Desert of Drize
Nantaket Wilds
Grotto in Gekko
Jungles of Hippo-no-hungus
Jungles of Jorn
Jungle of Nool

I have mad a map with the Campaign Cartagrapher software...need to get it posted.