Sunday, December 20, 2009

The campaign continues...

24 May- After resting for the day after the Battle of Antonsberg, Major General Van Fleck ordered the advance to resume. The general ordered the newly arrived Boober Bay Uhlans and the Vavode Voltiguers to garrison Antonsberg and dispatched the Yerka Isle Tirailleur Regiment and the Hinkle Horn Rangers to occupy the critical nitrate mines to the West.

27 May- A steady stream of spring showers have slowed the Katzian pursuit of the Doftian forces. Friendly elements of the Doft merchant class have reported that the Didd contingent once camped at Giftzwing has advanced to support the retreating survivors of the Battle of Antonsberg. The most logical location for these forces to join is at the village of Zelanski.

28 May- A patrol of Hussars reported seeing Doftian forces deployed around Zelanski, and a column of troops advancing down the road.

29 May- The Battle of Zelanski

The Doftian forces that retreated from Antonsberg have taken positions around Zelanski. The McIntyre Fusiliers are occupying a farmstead to the West, while the Morris Musketeers have fortified the village itself. The Labron Landwher have taken a position on a ridge to the East of the village. The remnants of the Doft Dragoons and the Did Currassiers are in support (total of 514 sabers).