Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Update

I am caught up on posting my backlog of pictures and battle reports so my posts wil slow down now.

I have had several days off over the holidays with a 4-day weekend coming up.

My painting goals are: 2 x 12-figure infantry regiments (complete), 3 x 8-figure cavalry regiments (horses painted).

I have purchased some more elements for my army after taking a buying haitus in December. I bought 9 more generals, 4 limbers and caissons, 2 ambulances, and a regiment of 7YW cuirassairs to be a "ceremonial" guard unit. I also bought a bunch of 15mm pirates from several ranges for a long term skirmish project.

I received The War Game as a present from my wife and plan to read it on New Years Day.

As for the Battle of Zelanski, the action is well underway. I will post a full battle report with pictures when the battle ends, but so far the Katzian forces are working around both flank, but the infamous Morris Musketeers have once again checked the Katzian Guard Brigade. The Wha Hoo Hussars have regained the King's favor by defeating two enemy cavalry regiments in battle and threatening the enemy lines of communication. This may prove the decisive factor in the battle, as it prevented the enemy from reinforcing the strog position in the center with more infantry and a battery of guns.